TexNet is a full service provider in the field of home textile sourcing and supply chain management. Our customers are mainly located in United States, Our services include product development & deisgn, sourcing, production planning, follow up merchandising, factory audits, quality assurance, auditing for social compliance and shipping coordination. Our core service is to work with supplier to negotiate prices.

We have more than 15 years experience in Pakistan. During this period, we have developed real partnerships with our vendor base. We have worked with some of our vendors for over 10 years and we regard them as a backbone for our business
Since buying streams are changing constantly, our product managers work non-stop to open up new and promising sources
As a service company, pure and simple, we are flexible enough to look continuously for the best suppliers
  Production Development  
Price is only one aspect of competition. Increasingly, differentiation and creativity are proving to be major advantages for our customer base. In cooperation with our vendors, we carve ourselves our distinctive position with new and unique products
We continuously work with our supply chain partners in coming up with new product designs and fabrications for our customers
Our day to day communication with customers and suppliers gives us our profound understanding of customer needs
Our skill specialists monitor and guide sampling and production process
Our specialist staff monitor the safety aspect of our products
Technical support
Quality is key to our business as we understand it. It encompasses communication and service quality as well as product planning and product quality assurance. There several measures that we implement to guarantee high quality products
Initial production check
During production check
Final random inspection
Loading supervision
  Production Planning  
We plan and work out delivery time lines with suppliers and propose supplier’s time frames to customers
A strong back up team of merchandisers and QA follow up with the suppliers on daily basis to implement and execute the proposed plan
  Factory Evaluation  
We select our vendors to reflect the individual needs of our customers. Before we make our selection, each of the plants in question is subjected to stringent evaluation
Social Compliance Audits: We work with independent auditors and if required, conduct our own audits to ensure that standards are met
CTPAT Audits: Same as with social compliance audits, we work with independent audit teams to conduct CTPAT audits
  Shipping Coordination  
We supervise all shipment documentation and paperwork
If requested by our customers, we can negotiate competitive freight rates with local forwarders